The Revoz plant dates back to the mid 50s when a company called Agroservis started to carry out maintenance of agricultural machinery. Under the name of Moto Monta┼ża, the company began to assemble light commercial vehicles and DKW vehicles on the basis of cooperation with Autounion, a German company. In 1959 it was renamed IMV (Industrija motornih vozil – Industry of Motor Vehicles) and is started to produce caravans as well. From 1967 to 1972, the company cooperated with the British Motor Company (assembly of Austins). At the beginning of 1973, a cooperation agreement was signed with Renault and the production of the Renault 4 was started. During this period, a limited number of Renault 12, Renault 16 and Renault 18s were assembled as well. In June 1988, a joint venture between Renault and IMV resulted in the foundation of Revoz, in compliance with the regulations of that time. At the end of 1989 Revoz started to assemble the Renault 5, alongside the Renault 4, popularly called "katrca“, the last unit of which was assembled in Revoz in December 1992. It was also in Revoz that the last Renault 5 came off the assembly line in July 1996, after having been on the car market for nearly 25 years. In April 1993, the Renault Clio began rolling off the Revoz production line, followed by the second generation Clio in the spring of 1998, and by the Clio II in 2001. In 2002, Revoz changed its organisation: commercial activity was taken over by a commercial subsidiary called Renault Slovenia (actually: Renault Nissan Slovenia), while Revoz maintained its range of industrial activity. Renault became a 100% owner of Revoz in 2004, a year later the project of exclusive manufacturing of the new Twingo in Revoz was confirmed. Serial manufacturing of the new Twingo started in spring 2006 for the whole European market and the project has been supported by the Republic of Slovenia as well.


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