About us


REVOZ, member of the international Group Renault

Company :

Revoz, vehicle manufacturing and marketing

Headquarters :

Belokranjska c. 4, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia

Legal structure of the company :

joint stock company

Activity :

vehicle manufacturing and marketing

Nominal capital :

55  million euros

Major shareholder company :

S.A., 13-15 Quay Le Gallo, Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Product :

new Twingo, Smart For Four, Clio IV

Workforce :

December 31th, 2016: 2.032 on Revoz payroll and 499 agency workers

Revoz is the only car manufacturer in Slovenia. The company is owned by the French Group Renault and it has held its position among the biggest Slovenian exporter for several years. It ranks at the top of Slovenian companies by its revenues as well. The Revoz plant is entirely incorporated into the system of the Renault Production Department which links all its European plants manufacturing passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. All projects introduced at the Production Department level are introduced at the Revoz plant as well. REVOZ is the only plant manufacturing two successful Renault models: the New Twingo (3rd generation) and Clio II for the countries of the northern Africa. As from the end of September 2014, the plant is going to produce the New Smart ForFour  within the framework of the strategic cooperation between the Renault Nissan Alliance and Daimler from Germany.  In order to ensure business excellence, Revoz developed a quality assurance system several years ago, which is today regularly confirmed by ISO 9001 audits. Revoz obtained the ISO 14001 certificate as early as in 1999, demonstrating the quality of its environmental management and continuous anticipation of sustainable development.


Group Renault 100 % owner of Revoz

The Group Renault has been a majority stockholder of Revoz since 1991 with 54 % of its capital. The share increased to 66,68 % in 2001, and on December 22, 2003, Renault bought the rest of the shares and became 100 % shareholder at the beginning of 2004.

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